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Allen bradley 1769-ECR

Allen bradley 1769-ECR

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Accessories—I/O Module

Expansion Cables

With 1769-L3x and 1768-L4x controllers, if you divide 1769 modules into multiple banks, make sure:

  • each bank needs its own power supply.
  • use expansion cables to connect the banks.
  • the last I/O bank requires an end cap.

How you orient I/O banks determines which expansion cables you need to connect the I/O banks.

If you add a And connect the chassis Use this cable⋆
Second bank Right to left 1769-CRLx
Right to right 1769-CRRx
Third bank Right to left 1769-CRLx
Right to right 1769CRRx
Left to left 1769-CLLx
⋆ Where x = 1 for 1 ft (305 mm) or 3 for 3.28 ft (1 m).

End Caps

The final I/O bank in 1769-L3x and 1768-L4x controller systems needs an end cap on the end without the expansion cable. The 1769-L23x controller comes with a right-end cap, so you do not need to order one separately.

For a Order
Right end cap 1769-ECR
Left end cap 1769-ECL