Allen bradley 2711P-RGB4, 2711C-RCSD

Allen bradley 2711P-RGB4, 2711C-RCSD

Allen bradley 2711P-RGB4, 2711C-RCSD

Phụ kiện màn hình HMI Allen bradley

Antiglare Overlays

Cat. No. ⋆ Terminal Model Operator Input
Keypad Touch Key/Touch
2711P-RGB4 400 grayscale or color ü ü
2711P-RGK6 600 grayscale or color ü ü
2711P-RGT6 ü
⋆  Three overlays are shipped with each catalog number.

Secure Digital Cards

Cat. No. Description
1784-SD1 1 GB Secure Digital (SD) card
1784-SD2 2 GB Secure Digital (SD) card
2711C-RCSD USB to SD adapter for secure digital (SD) card

Power Supply and Terminal Blocks

Cat. No. Description Quantity
2711P-RSACDIN DIN-rail mount, AC-to-DC power supply, 85…265VAC, 47…63 Hz 1
2711P-6RSA AC power module converts a DC-powered terminal to AC power (400 and 600 only) 1
2711-TBDC DC power terminal block 10
2711P-RVAC AC power terminal block 10

Mounting Hardware

Cat. No. Description Quantity
2711P-RTFC Mounting levers for 600 8

Function Key Legend Inserts

Cat. No. Description
2711P-RFK6 Keypad printable blank legends and software for PanelView Plus 600
⋆  Applies to keypad and keypad/touch-screen terminals.


Cat. No. Description
6189V-USBCBL2 Programming cable that connects the USB device port of the terminal to a USB host port of a computer (400 and 600 only)

Battery Replacement

Cat. No. Description Quantity
2711P-RY2032 CR2032 equivalent coin-cell battery replacement 1

Adapter Plates

Cat. No. Description
2711P-RAK4 Adapts a PanelView Plus 400 keypad or 600 touch to a PanelView Standard 550 Keypad
2711P-RAK6 Adapts a PanelView Plus 600 keypad to a PanelView Standard 600 keypad

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