Đại lý 1783-BMS12T4E2CGL

Đại lý 1783-BMS12T4E2CGL

Đại lý 1783-BMS12T4E2CGL

Thông số kỹ thuật Allen bradley 1783-BMS12T4E2CGL

Product Selection ArmorStratix 5700 Switches

Cat. No. Total Ports M12 D-code Ports Combo Ports Power Over EtherNet Ports Software Configuration CIP Sync NAT
1783-ZMS8TA 8 8 Fast Ethernet Full No No
1783-ZMS16TA 16 16 Fast Ethernet Full No No
1783-ZMS24TA 24 24 Fast Ethernet Full No No
1783-ZMS4T4E2TGP 10 4 Fast Ethernet 2 Gigabit Ethernet 4 Fast Ethernet Full Yes No
1783-ZMS8T8E2TGP 18 8 Fast Ethernet 2 Gigabit Ethernet 8 Fast Ethernet Full Yes No

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Key Software Features

Key software features that provide improved network reliability, easy deployment and management, diagnostic capability, and secure integration to the enterprise network include:

Feature Benefit
Cisco IOS (Internetwork Operating System) Provides robust features compatible with the Cisco IT enterprise environment.
RSLogix 5000 AOP (Add On Profile) Enables easy switch setup and diagnostics with Logix controllers and the Integrated Architecture.
VLAN (Virtual LAN) with trunking Helps ease network management in the production network.
QoS (Quality of Service) Enables prioritization of applications, users, or data flows to help provide a higher level of network predictability.
Bandwidth Threshold Alarming Supports alarms to track network changes and detect malfunctioning devices.
STP/RSTP (Spanning Tree Protocol/Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) Provides a resilient path between switches for applications that require a fault-tolerant network.
REP (Resilient Ethernet Protocol) Supports ring, ring segment, or nested ring segments, providing network resiliency across switches with a rapid recovery time.
MAC ID Port Security Enables tracking network changes from the controller through new MAC ID notifications.
DHCP per port Supports assigning a specific IP address to each port, enabling device replacement without manually configuring IP addresses.
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Provides familiar IT tools to monitor and configure network-attached devices.
CIP Sync (IEEE 1588) Supports very high precision clock synchronization across automation devices for time-critical tasks such as accurate alarming for post-event diagnostics and precision motion.
IEEE 802.1x Security Tracks access to network resources and helps secure the network infrastructure.
IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol) Snooping and Querier Reduces multicast traffic from intensive IP applications, such as I/O control on EtherNet/IP.
EtherChannels Provides port trunking technology to automatically redistribute network traffic in the case of a failed link.
Smart ports Recommended port configurations commonly used in automation network applications. Smart ports optimize a port configuration to the type of device connected. They are easily assigned and help prevent port misconfiguration.
Port Mirroring Copies network traffic seen on one switch port to another. Typically used as a diagnostic tool.

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