Màn hình 2715-T9WD-B

Thông số kỹ thuật màn hình AB Panelview: The 2715-T9WD-B terminal is a brandless operator interface terminal that has been designed and manufactured by Allen Bradley in the Panelview 5500 terminal series. It uses a 24 Volts DC rated SELV or PELV power supply. The 2715-T9WD-B operator interface terminal has a widescreen touchscreen that is 9 inches in diameter with full color graphics. This touchscreen can be used to monitor and control the terminal, and there is also a menu navigation button below the touchscreen for additional control options. The 2715-T9WD-B operator interface terminal uses the Ethernet communication network.

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Màn hình Allen bradley 2715-T9WD-B

đại lý 2715-T9WD-B

nhà phân phối 2715-T9WD-B

Nhà sản xuất AB
Thương hiệu Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 2715-T9WD-B
Display Line Panelview 5500
Kích thước màn hình 9-inch
Display Color Color
Kiểu đầu vào Touchscreen Only
Nguồn vào 18-30 VDC
Memory 250 MB
Giao tiếp IP/EtherNet Comm
Shipping Weight 4 LBS
Shipping Dimensions 8 x 12 x 3 inches
Product Type Brandless