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Màn hình 2711P-T15C22D9P

Thông số kỹ thuật màn hình Allen bradley 2711P-T15C22D9P

Attribute 15-in. Touch Màn hình 15-in. Touch with Keypad 2711P-B15C22D9P, 2711P-B15C22D9P-B (1) 2711P-B15C22A9P,

Màn hình 2711P-B15C22A9P-B 2711P-B15C22D9PK

19-in. Touch
Màn hình 2711P-T15C22D9P, 2711P-T15C22D9P-B 2711P-T15C22A9P, 2711P-T15C22A9P-B(2) 2711P-T15C22D9PK Màn hình 2711P-T19C22D9P, 2711P-T19C22D9P-B
2711P-T19C22A9P, 2711 P-T19C22A9P-B
Operator input Touch Touch with keypad Touch
Conformal-coated Yes Yes[4] Yes
Display type TFT Color
Display size, diagonal 15-in. 19-in.
Viewing area (W x H) 304 x 228 mm (12.0 x 9.0 in. 376 x 301 mm (14.8 x 11.9 in.)
Display resolution 1024 x 768 XGA, 18-bit color graphics'[5]) 1280 x 1024 SXGA, 18-bit color graphics1’5′
Aspect ratio 4:03 5:04
Brightness, typical 547 cd/m2 (Nits) 286 cd/m2 (Nits)
Backlight life White light-emitting diode, solid state
Life: 50,000 h min at 40 °C (104 °F) to half-brightness, backlight is not replaceable
Touch screen Analog resistive
Actuation rating: 1 million presses
Operating force: 100 grams
Battery (real-time clock backup) Accuracy: ±2 minutes per month. Battery life: 4 years min at 25 °C (77 °F) Replacement: CR2032 lithium coin cell
Memory: (Series A)
•  System •  512 MB RAM and 512 MB storage
•  User •  80 MB, approx, nonvolatile storage for applications
Memory: (Series B*)
•  System •  4 GB RaM and 19.87 GB storage
•  User •  2 GB, approx, nonvolatile storage for applications *Series C for Stainless Steel Terminals
Secure Digital (SD) card slot One SD card slot for external storage; supports cat. no. 1784-SDx and 1784-SDHCx cards
USB ports: (Series A)
•  Host •  Two USB high-speed 2.0 host ports (type A) support removable flash drives for external storage
•  Device •  One high-speed 2.0 device port (type B) that will be functional in a future release
•  USB ports: (Series B*)
•  Host •  One USB high-speed 3.0 host port and one USB 2.0 host port (Type A) supports removable flash drives for external storage
•  Device •  One high-speed 2.0 device port (type B) that will be functional in a future release
*Series C for Stainless Steel Terminals
(Series A)
Windows CE 6.0 with Extended Features and MS Office Viewers (includes FTP VNC client server, ActiveX controls, PDF reader, third-party device support)
Operating system (Series B*)
Windows 10 loT Core
*Series C for Stainless Steel Terminals
Ethernet ports Two 10/100Base-T, Auto MDI/MDI-X Ethernet ports that support Device Level Ring (DLR), linear, or star network topologies
Software FactoryTalk View Studio for Machine Edition, FactoryTalk ViewPoint, version 2.6 or later
Input voltage 24V DC nom 100…240V AC(2) 24V DC nom 100…240V AC(2) 24V DC nom 100…240V AC(2)
(18. ..30V DC) (18. ..30V DC) (18. ..30V DC)
Power consumption 50 W max (2.1 A at 24V DC) 105VA 50 W max (2.1 A at 24V DC) 105VA 50 W max (2.1 A at 24V DC) 105VA
39 W for Series B T15 terminal 39 W for Series B B15 terminal 45 W for Series B T19 terminal
Power supply Supports (SELV)and (PELV) Supports (SELV) and (PELV) Supports (SELV)and (PELV)
24V DC supplies)6) 24V DC supplies[6] 24V DC supplies^6)
Weight, approx 3.69 kg (8.14 lb) 4.14 kg (9.13 lb) 5.62 kg (12.40 lb)
Dimensions, approx (H x W x D) 318 x 381 x 69.6 mm 322 x 484 x 69.6 mm 411 x 485 x 69.6 mm
12.52 x 15.00 x 2.74 in 12.68 x 19.06 x 2.74 in 16.18 x 19.09 x 2.74 in
Cutout dimensions, approx (H x W) 290 x 353 mm 290 x 418 mm 383 x 457 mm
11.42 x 13.90 in 11.42 x 16.46 in 15.08 x 17.99 in


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