Màn hình 2711-NL3

Thông số kỹ thuật màn hình AB Panelview: The Allen-Bradley 2711-NL3 is a PanelView 600 backlight. This component is a Cold Cathode Fluorescent (CCF) Backlight replacement backlight for the currently installed unit of any PanelView 600 device. This backlight is accessed by removing the access cover. This component contains Mercury.

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Mô tả

Màn hình 2711-NL3

Màn hình Allen bradley 2711-NL3

đại lý 2711-NL3

nhà phân phối 2711-NL3

Nhà sản xuất AB
Part Number/Catalog No. 2711-NL3
Đèn nền life: 50,000 hr 1/2 life at 25 °C (77 °F)
Power supply: System supplied
Torque required: 0.7…0.9 Nm (6…8 lb-in)
Removal and Insertion under power: No
Mercury content: Yes
Component: Cold Cathode Fluorescent (CCF) Đèn nền
Product Description: Đèn nền
Product Family: PanelView Standard Terminals
Product Lifecycle Status* Liên hệ/Obsolete
Thương hiệu Allen-Bradley
Product Line Panelview 600
Backlight For Panelview 600 Series A or Series B
Shipping Weight 1 pound
Shipping Dimensions 8X8X5
Giao tiếp RS-232 (DH-485) and RS-232 Printer
Nguồn vào 18 to 32 Volts DC
Memory 240 KB
Backlight 2711-NL3
Giao tiếp Cable 2711-NC14
Shipping Weight 6 pounds
Shipping Dimensions 14 x 11 x 8 inches
Series A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, and L
UPC 10662072669393