Bộ lập trình 2080-LC70-24QWB

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Thông số kỹ thuật bộ lập trình allen bradley 2080-LC70-24QWB

đại lý plc allen bradley | đại lý 2080-LC70-24QWB

đại lý plc rockwell | nhà phân phối 2080-LC70-24QWB

Micro870 EtherNet/IP Controller, 14 – 24 Volt DC/AC Inputs, 10 Relay Output, 24 Volt DC Power

Micro870® controllers offer a higher level of scalability, flexibility, and customization. Designed for large standalone machine applications, the Micro870 controller comes with large memory capacity to enable more modular programs and use of user-defined function blocks. 2080-L70E-xxx controllers also support additional DF1 protocol modes and DNP3 protocol is supported in 2080-L70E-xxxN controllers.