Allen bradley 2706-B41J31

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Allen bradley 2706-B41J31

Dataliner 2706-B41J31

module allen bradley | đại lý 2706-B41J31

nhà phân phối 2706-B41J31

Nhà sản xuất AB
Thương hiệu Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 2706-B41J31
Nhà sản xuất: AB / Allen-Bradley
Product Line DL20
Product Type: Operator Interface
Kích thước màn hình 6.2 x 14.4 in.
Part Number: 2706-B41J31
Display Color Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
Product Family: DL20 Message Display
Kiểu đầu vào ASCII
No. of display lines: Four (4) Lines
Communication RS-422 and RS-232
No. of characters per line: 20 characters
Nguồn vào 120V AC
Operating mode: Master mode;
Terminal mode
Memory 31K RAM
Giao tiếp interfaces: RS232 / RS422; Parallel input
Enclosure Type NEMA Type 12/13
Supported topology, RS232: Point-to-Point
Line Count 4
Supported topology, RS422: Multi-drop
Character Count 20
No. of DL10 devices per RS422 segment: 100 devices
Max. RS422 length: 4000 ft
Relay outputs: One (1) Normally Closed (N.C.);
One (1) Normally Open (N.O.)
Power supply: 120 VAC