Bộ điều khiển 1394C-SJT10-T

Thông số kỹ thuật servo controller allen bradley: The Allen-Bradley 1394C-SJT10-T system module is a servo controller system module from the 1394 Servo Controllers series. It can support 3-phase AC line filters for certain kinds of applications. It has a power rating of 10 kilowatts and it comes with a SERCOS interface. In a 1394 Servo Controller system, the 1394C-SJT10-T system module can control up to 4 axes at a time. It can also be wired with an external shunt resistor which is an optional device for certain kinds of applications.

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Mô tả

Bộ điều khiển 1394C-SJT10-T

Bộ điều khiển servo 1394C-SJT10-T

đại lý 1394C-SJT10-T

nhà phân phối 1394C-SJT10-T

Nhà sản xuất AB
Thương hiệu Allen-Bradley
Part Number/Catalog No. 1394CSJT10T
Product Line Servo Controller
Loại mô đun System
Power Rating 10 Kilowatt
Input Phase 3 Phase
Dòng sản phẩm Enhancements Terminations, Filtering (EMI), and Smart Power
Factory-Installed Options GMC Turbo- IMC S Class
Input Voltage 50-60 Hertz
Input Voltage 360-480AC Volts
Nominal Bus Output Voltage 380/460 Volts 530/680 Volts DC
Continuous Power Output 380/460 Volts 8/10 Kilowatts
Peak Power Output 28 Kilowatts
Efficiency 99%
Continuous Current Output 14.73 Amperes
Peak Current Output 29.46 Amperes
Line Loss Ride Through 20 ms
Rated AC Input Voltage 324-528 Volts AC, 50-60 Hertz, 3 Phase
AC Input Current 13.0 Amperes